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Postpartum Bath Soak Large


The Mama + Me postpartum bath soak is specifically designed to aid in the healing the ouchies down there in the perineal area during postpartum recovery. Each herb & mineral has been selected based on their healing benefits, helping soothe discomfort from stitches, perineal bruising and hemorrhoids.

The soak is made in small artisan batches using only high quality pure therapeutic grade essential oils which have been diluted to be gentle and safe for postpartum recovery. The soak improves blood flow, reduces swelling and inflammation and promotes general healing & restoration. Makes a very thoughtful gift for the expectant mother to be.

How to use the bath soak:

There are three options!

  1. Add half of the jar into a bowl and pour hot water (not boiling) over it. Allow the herbs and minerals to brew for at least 5min prior to adding to bath water.
  2. Alternatively, for sitz bath use 2 spoons. Soak for at least 15- 20min each time for full herbal benefits.
  3. You can also use the brewed mixture to add to maternity pads- Combine with Aloe Vera & store these in the freezer for use when extra comfort is needed.