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Dome Cake French Chry Dark Cho

  • Griottines French Cherry Liqueur, Blackberry, Raspberry & Belgian Dark Chocolate Nougat Cake

    A very exclusive liqueur, Griottines Cherry Liqueur is produced only in Fougerolles, France, using only cherries from the Balkans. Bramble & Hedge are lucky enough to become part of that exclusive club, boasting the only nougat containing the Cherry Liqueur.

    Combined with blackberries and raspberries, this creamy nougat cake will have you reaching for more. To tempt you further, it’s dressed in a thin layer of Belgian Dark Chocolate with dried raspberries, rose and cornflower petals.

    - Ingredients

    Australian Sugar, Dark Chocolate (15%) (Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier: Soy Lecithin, Vanilla) Australian Almonds, Australian Glucose Syrup, Hazelnuts, Australian Honey, Free Range Egg Whites, Freeze Dried Blackberries (1%), Griottines Cherry Liqueur (1%), Freeze Dried Raspberries (1%), Candied Cherries(1%), Freeze Dried Sour Cherries, Vanilla Bean Paste, Cornflowers & Rose Petals.

    *Contains Nuts

    *Gluten Free


    Our Nougat stays the freshest when stored in cool dry places, away from direct sunlight. Our Nougat is best kept at 23°C or less.

    Contains Alcohol at no more that 1% ABV