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The Kindergarten Essentials Kit includes a variety of engaging and hands on activities that will help your child become a successful and confident learner in their first year of school. The pack has been designed around the requirements of the foundation curriculum, and will support your child in meeting the learning needs for kindergarten.

The literacy activities included in the pack focus on: 
- Recognising letters 
- Identifying the initial sounds of words 
- Forming upper and lower case letters correctly 
- Reading, locating, and writing high-frequency sight words 
- Correctly writing own name

The numeracy activities included in the pack focus on: 
- Recognising numbers 
- Identifying numbers that come before and after 
- Counting collections of 30 
- Connecting name, numeral, and quantities 
- Using different strategies to count collections i.e. 2s, 5s,10s 
- Forming numbers correctly

Kit includes 
- Personalised name plate 
- Letter formation worksheets 
- 100 Sight word Bingo 
- Initial sound activity 
- Whole number 1-20 activity 
- ‘Stack the Number’ game 
- Number cards 
- 30 counters 
- Whiteboard marker 
- Reusable pocket 
- Plastic envelope case 
- Bead string (100 beads)