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Blippi Clay Kit


Kids love Blippi and this set is full of his silly antics that kids enjoy. This set is all about being creative. It comes with 12 different colors of clay. This clay is nice and soft which makes it much easier for kids to make things. Also included are a set of cards which teach children how to make some very funny and cute animals. A handy roller is also included which will help them keep their clay nice and flat. It is the perfect arts and crafts set for children who love to make things with their own hands. Helping a child embrace their creative side is a wonderful thing. While this set may be themed around making different animals. Once children have done this, they will start to think of other things that they can make, and before long the only limit is their imagination. It is a great thing to watch a creative child at play. Everything they need to make their own clay world is included inside the box.