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Create Your Own Wall Décor


For centuries, ancient American cultures have believed in the power of the dreamcatcher to filter out bad dreams and nightmares. These days, people also use dreamcatchers for decorative purposes, putting modern twists on this traditional form of artwork. 

In Create Your Own Dreamcatchers and Wall Hangings, crafter extraordinaire Annalea Hart introduces seven stunning modern dreamcatcher projects, with handy hints, step-by-step photography and everything needed to create one stunning dreamcatcher.

24-page book
1 hoop (18.5cm / 7.2in)
white thread (30m / 32.8yd)
white ribbon (4m / 4.3yd)
white twine (3m / 3.2yd)
1 crochet hook (4mm/G-6)
10 white feathers
30 small pearl beads
10 geometric beads
9 oval beads