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Disposable Medical Face Masks Earloop


Disposable Medical grade face Mask 3 ply (50 pack)





Disposable Medical grade face Mask 50 pack 3 ply


3 ply non-woven face mask with ear loops


Disposable ear loop medical face mask with a layered and pleated polypropylene design and flexible nose wire for superior comfort and protection. Designed to filter and catch any bacteria shed in liquid droplets from the mouth or nose. Elasticated ear loops to ensure a snug fit.


Masks ultimately prevent bodily fluids that may contain viruses from escaping via the nose and mouth as well as protect against splashes and sprays from others, such as sneezes and coughs.


  • Colour-Blue
  • RHS 919B
  • ASTM Level 2
  • 99% BFE
  • 3 Ply