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Le Breakfast Bar - Coffee and Croissant Dark Milk Bar

The tiny French town of La Clichée had a seriously big problem: nobody there got anything done. Instead they sat in petit cafés all day. The baguettes never got baked. The bouffants never got bouffed. The beret factory was completely deserted. Until The Baron came to their rescue and created Le Breakfast Bar. It delivers a hit of extra-strong Rich coffee and an indulgence of buttery croissant, with every bite. Et voila, La Clichée-ites could get their café fix on the go, and now you can too

Cacao-Solomon Islands, Cathliro Cacao
Coffee-Rich Coffee “Brazil”
Croissants-Gramercy Baker

Ingredients:Cacao (Direct Trade), Organic Raw Sugar, Cacao Butter, Milk Powder, Coffee Beans, Croissants(wheat flour, sugar, malt, salt, milk, water, yeast, butter) . **50% cacao content.

Single Origin Direct Trade - Solomon Islands, Cathliro Cacao

The Cathliro Way is a committed way of working directly with villages in Central Guadalcanal with over two-hundred farmers. Primarily working with women (70% of farmers are women), Cathliro goes out weekly to the villages to purchase wet beans. The farmers are paid cash upon the weighing of the wet beans in the village. Cathliro then takes the beans into their location in Honiara and ferments and sun-dries the beans by village. The quality and flavour profile is consistent, with variants by village of course, but the dominant notes are chocolate with light fruity and floral notes. Due to low acidity in the beans, they are great for snacking on raw or lightly roasted and for producing rounded full-flavoured chocolate.

After sun-drying, the beans are stored by village and are ready for shipping. Cathliro works directly with the villages in giving back and in educating the farmers on tree management, health, farm management, saving, sanitation and how to use cocoa as a daily food on a village level. The main goal of Cathliro is to improve the quality of life for cocoa growing communities.

**Product Shelf Life is 12 months