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Miniature Constructables - Goods Truck

  • Haul deliveries around the bedroom, the house, and the backyard with this incredible Miniature Constructables Goods Truck.
  • Children get to be a little engineers as they screw each piece into place to make sure the Goods Truck is ready to go!
  • The Miniature Constructables series from Construct It offers the same kind of construction-based fun as the larger sets, but in a much smaller and more collectable scale.
  • Inside the box are a set of tools that are required to screw and put each piece in its proper place.
  • This is just so much more fun than the standard building sets where you snap blocks together!
  • They also give children a set of instructions that are easy to follow and understand.
  • The entire Construct It line is themed around the principles of STEM learning.
  • This ensures that children are learning new skills as they play.
  • This set is also a great way to encourage creative children as they can use all of the pieces from the three different sets to come up with their own fun creations.
  • Ages 6+