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Miniature Constructables - Motorbike


The Miniature Constructables series from Construct It is all about children having creative fun and learning as they do. Rather than just snapping pieces together as they would do with other construction-based toys. Miniature Constructables from Construct It are put together with real tools!

Each set including this awesome car, comes with a mini tool kit which they will need to use to put each piece into place. This is just so much fun and children are going to have a lot of pride each time they play with this car or show it off to their friends and family. Thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions, children will never become frustrated as they are building the car!

Children are going to have a great deal of fun building the car and playing with it. However, what is so great about the Miniature Constructables series is that they also offer lots of educational value too. Each set is designed with STEM learning in mind which helps children learn and develop skills through play. Learning the basics of engineering and even a little bit of mechanics is another huge plus of this set and the entire Miniature Constructables line!

Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Key Features:

  • This set comes with a cool little tool kit
  • Children will love using the tools to build this awesome little car
  • The Miniature Constructables line is very collectible
  • These take up very little space and are made to be nice and affordable
  • While they will be having a lot of fun, they will also be learning new skills too!